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Hey there! 

I’m Courtney Hummel. I hail from Lutcher, a small but special town in south Louisiana. I currently reside in New Orleans where I hold some pretty awesome roles as supportive, working wife and mother. 

I graduated from LSU in 2014 where I earned a bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies. The golden college years are when I first picked up a paint brush as a therapeutic hobby and, without even knowing,  it grew a love for Art + Home at the same time. 

Home; the place where one lives, especially as a member of a family or household.

One year into marriage, my husband Brooks encouraged me to take my art further and start a small business. The opportunities that have been given to me over the last couple of years have only increased my love for art and creativity, but my favorite part is being able to create pieces and places that bring families together, a place they call HOME. Little did I know that my desire to be a “homemaker” would mean so much more.